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Lea and Me

Lea and Me

25 November

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A new LJ Community now looking for new members and you've been invited. Give it a try and come apply. ***This can be deleted if unwanted***

wake up and smell the coffee..join _coffeehouse

Updaty:: i got accepted by the great people at Fecth.. Hell yes! Love you Guys!

Got accepted by the beauty-fully people at that placeyou call beauty_rejected... there super peachy...... go check 'em out.. and dont rape them for a dollar please.

Applied to ________________rad

thinking about joing a color bar thingy ma jigger........

The Lovely people at coffee house have accepted me.

applied ot laguna_ladies and is helping them otu with banners, icons, and so much more.

Clubhouse is love.

Banned Books are love.

Moulin Rouge is True Love.

Chicago is jazzy love.